Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Passion

My passion for this industry started over 15 years ago. And it was when I worked with my first flower that I knew that I wanted to be apart of this industry in every way possible. That passion hasn't gone away one bit, if anything it has increased. I see where I can be and what I could be doing and that frustrates me. But I was told by a good friend...(SHOUT OUT TO NAT NAT!) that I can only get out of my job what I put into it, and that I need to work with what I got! and I Am reminded that I have a lot more then some people and I need to be thankful for what I have...but I will never loose sight of my dreams and I will never stop striving for better.

Today was a very trying day at work. I am very passionate about my job, not just what I do, but the company as a whole. Because we are a small company when times are slow everyone feels the crunch, and when times are tight we all band together and work through it. But today It was revealed to me that we didn't have a team player on board, and that really made me mad. People would ask why? and I have the answer. I have been with Kent for 8 years and what effects the store effects me; and I take things personally, and I feel that, that store is as much mine(Lora, Laura, and Phylis) as it is his. And if there is no Kent's then that means there is no job for Jeremy. So during times of financial strain we bind together and we do what we can, we watch what we spend out of the company account, we watch our hours. If it is dead slow we will all volunteer and go home. Because we only have he health of the company in our best interests. We all need the money but if there is no money to be had then we are all S.O.L!! So when I approached a fellow employee, and mentioned to this person that if it stayed slow that they could go home. This person goes behind my back and talks to another employee and tells them that they are not leaving because they need the money. OK! for one...Kent is gone for the week so when he is gone, either I or Lora have authority! so do not Undermine me! and secondly! thanks you for showing your true colors! When I am loyal I am loyal, and I will have your back 200% and when I've invested so much time and energy into something I take it personally. And I took this very personal.

Tomorrow I am going to go in with a positive attitude and do my job the way that I know and I will let God reveal all the things that I have seen. And I don't have to do a thing! just sit back and wait. Like my late grandmother used to tell me all the time "Son, you have to just call on the lord and wait on time" and that what I am going to try and do from now on. I might get discouraged, but God has a bigger plan for me. A plan even bigger then I can imagine! so for now....

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