Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting Ready for Autumn

School is back in session and the weather is getting a bit cooler, and football season is getting underway. The holidays are coming quicker then we think. So I have a couple tips and idea's to help get us ready for the holiday season. My purpose for creating my blogspot account was to share with the world my passion and love for Floral materials, and to hopefully inspire someone with a tidbit of information.

As times have presented themselves to be tough the past 2 years, we can not let money or the lack thereof prevent us from enjoying everything that the Holidays have to offer. Fall is upon us and there are some simply ways that we can enjoy our autumn without breaking the bank. It is always a tradition in most family's to go out and purchase pumpkins and set them around their home, and then closer to Halloween pumpkin carving is a Fun family past time. Buying pumpkins from a retail store can be a bit expensive, even Wal-mart. Buying Pumpkins locally, from a local grower (whom often times have more then they can maintain) can prove to be cost effective and you are supporting an independent farmer, and boosting his buying power in this struggling economy. But for those family's that aren't on a budget and can decorate for fall and Halloween, I will share the big trends in Fall and Halloween colors. There are a lot of Traditional Black and White items being shown for Halloween this year. Traditional Halloween in my mind goes back to those old black and white movies of Dracula, that sticks out in my mind, and that makes me think HALLOWEEN! So if you want to be in the new! and the happening, go classic and get black and white, and like clothing and furniture, black and white never goes out of style.

For those that can not let go of color, Plum and Shades of pink are also hot to mix in with the other beautiful fall tones(Oranges, Reds, Greens, Etc) And lets not forget the color that is sweeping the nation, GRAY! Gray is so hot right now, so mix it in any way you can. And most colors pop off of Gray beautifully, so why not Paint the door to your home gray! and see how beautiful that fall wreath or swag looks against it. And a note on that, a door adornment doesn't have to be a tradition wreath, wall pocket of swag. We can be very creative when it comes to how we present our door, because the door is the first impression of the house. If the door has some creativity and some edge, then that says a lot about the homeowner and the rest of the house. A simply idea for the upcoming season, and for any season really. Go to you local craft store, (some small retail store sell them too) and buy you one of a couple of those over sized letters;they can dictate you initials, or you can just pick something random, like and "F" for fall, or you can Spell out the word "FALL". Once you have you desired letter(s) then you can either buy them in the finish you like, or paint them accordingly to the season or the colors of your home. If you paint your door gray think about how fabulous those letters would look in Orange! or Yellow! Affix the letter(s) to the door in you desired placement, and to them you can add ribbons, leaves, or any other fall treatment that you see fit, or they can stand alone which I think would make a great statement!

I hope that I have inspired someone to do something cool and different this upcoming season, and I will do my best to post another segment about thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve. It will be probably either later this month or early October because my schedule is going to get very hectic in the next couple of months...One last thing while its on my mind, there is nothing wrong with being ahead of the game. Plan you holiday decor and festivities now so that you have more time to spend doing all the wonderful and fun things that Fall and winter have to offer!

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