Sunday, September 6, 2009

great things...

Hello all, I was just walking my apartment looking at how nice, neat and clean it is. I cleaned for 4 hours yesterday and it is spotless, and It makes me smile just looking at it. It's amazing how the little and simple things in life can make us happy. And yet we are always striving for something new and exciting to fill some make believe void that we have inside of us. I believe that all the happiness we need is already within us, we just have to channel it. But that is not to say that we shouldn't strive for new things, but not for the sole purpose of being happy. As I digress, the purpose of this post was to share some exciting news (well to me at least) I applied for an awesome job yesterday and I would hope that you all would wish me luck.

The Job I applied for is located in Los Angeles California. It is with a Company named Teleflora, A huge pillar in the Floral Industry. The Job is in the Marketing and Product design department. I know that I wouldn't be working with flowers very much at all, but It is another side of the business that I would love to be apart of, and besides I feel that I have some really great ideas for some new products and some marketing tools that they can use. And I also have a lot of valid input, and opinions of some of the products and marketing tools that they already currently use. I want this job for a number of reasons; for starters I would be seeing the floral industry from a different perspective. I also would be employed by one of the largest players in the industry, and the opportunity to grow and do so many different things within the company is endless. And lastly I want this position because I feel that I need it, I need it to become more rounded and experienced in this industry. My main goal is to get the job, but I will settle for at least an interview, because just because this position may not be for me, there will be something else that comes along with Teleflora. To me being apart of such a staple in this industry would not only be an honor, but a great opportunity to meet some of the best people this industry has produced. So feel free to Google Teleflora, read up about how great of a company it is, and wish me luck!

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  1. that is so exciting, jeremy! i can't wait to hear about it!