Monday, August 31, 2009


I went to a Fall and CHRISTMAS floral showcase at Mears Floral Products in Springfield MO yesterday, and I am still appalled. The Wholesaler was set up very beautifully, and they have remodeled. It was such a breath of fresh air to be down there seeing as it is 3 hours away and we at Kent's don't often get that chance to go down there and shop and see the product first hand. As I digress, the commentator/designer for the show was horrible! And I have no problem with posting this, and I have no problem with her finding out about the things that I am about to say. The Purpose of a Design show such as the one that we attended yesterday was to inspire, teach and share...and she did the exact opposite.

The show was supposed to be about holiday and fall decor, In the first segment I learned about one product (a Vase) that she used and for the rest of the time, I heard about her, her shop, and how wonderful her children are; and how without her family (not one mention of her employees) she wouldn't be as successful as she is today. In the second segment she spent the first 30 minutes talking about a ladder that her husband bought her, and about how wonderful her daughter is, and how wonderful things are in her shop. When Questions were being asked of her, she danced around them like hot coals, and wouldn't share too much information about her techniques used because she didn't want to give away her "Secrets" as she kept saying. My question is, "so why are you here?" The last segment she made 4 arrangements ahead of time that didn't have anything to do with each other, and had nothing to do with what the segment was supposed to be about. She did design on piece on stage, using the techniques and teachings that she learned while studying ikebana, but she didn't relate it to the show, I felt it was just her bragging about being a student of ikebana. During 3 segments out of the day, she only mentioned 2 times the things that she used from the Mears Showroom. That is part of your job as a commentator is to plug the merchandise and materials that you are using. I heard more about these fancy Japanese Clippers that her wonderful daughter got for her in NY, by the way none of us can get them from our local wholesaler cause they are only available in NY... Anyone else seeing the issues here?

The icing on the cake was when she was ending her final segment, and she looked at a girl in the audience that she had spoken to during break. The Designer was going on about tweaking the rules and principles of design. It was at that moment that she looked at this woman, and said "You won't be able to design like this, or design like me, and you may never be able to, you just a beginner".... SO much for inspiring you audience. This woman is so self-centered and delusional. and she needs not every do design shows again with that attitude. I have always said "the moment that you feel that you know it all, is the moment you should quit the business" She totally belittled her audience, and misused the opportunity that she was given. She had to opportunity to share, inspire and teach people some things that they might not have known, but instead, she was protecting her "Secrets" and that's very sad. I hate to break it to her but every concept and every idea in this world is derivative from something else, there are very very few original ideas in the world. The floral Industry has not gotten where it's at today by people keeping their "Secrets" to themselves. This Industry is very rich with knowledge and talent, and I hope that one day when I am doing Design shows that I can inspire, teach and share anything and everything that I can to help out someone.

Friday, August 28, 2009

My favorite weddings this year

Here are some of my favorite bridal bouquets that I had the privilege to create over this past year. All of these are dear to me, because I was allowed to apply my own creative and special touches on them. And one in particular was for a dear friend of mine, and it was really a joy and an honor to play such a big part in her wedding day. Thanks to all of my amazing brides whom make my job both enjoyable and easier!

The bouquet above left was a bride that I spent a year planning her wedding but it turned out beautiful. She was really great to work with but she had more ideas for her big day then we could fit into one room. This bouquet is composed of white, pink and blush peonies, and pink rannunculus, to the back of the bouquet I pinned an antique broach to the handle. Super chic and classic beauty as was the bride.

The bouquet above right was for Natasha Nosic, I am very proud of this one because this is only the 4th bouquet that I have ever made in a holder, in my entire career(12 years) I think this bouquet turned out fantastic. I started by stringing white dendrobiums on fishing line, I made about 10 strands, all at differnt lengths. In the bouquet I used white hydrangea, Sahara Roses, Peach lilies, Cream Garden spray roses, Apricot Parrot Tulips, Green Hypericum berries and finished it off with the Orchid strands, and Roseo Leaves. The felt and looked like a princess on her wedding day!
The bouquet above center was created for my Friend Natalie "Noack" Freeman, She is a very earthy and natural type girl and I had a lot of fun doing this bouquet because some of my favorite materials to work with are pods, grasses, and berries, In this bouquet I started with white astilbe, then collared that with White Scabiosa, Scabiosa Pods (I DIE!), Blushing Bride, White Cottage Yarrow, and Skeleton Leaves. I wrapped the stems with white satin ribbon, and attached a robin nest (w/eggs) to the handle. Totally Cute and totally Natalie!

I hope you enjoy my pictures and I hope to post more soon! Take care....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Follow the links

Here are some links to some pretty amazing and outstanding uses of floral materials! I DIE!


I had an epiphany it that people just don't get it? or is it our job to educate them. WE will never know if people will "get it" unless we show them something different. I decided that today; well kinda. I decided that I am going to make what I want, and sell it to the customer, opposed to selling the customer what they want. If I go through my career doing the same roundy moundy bouquet of roses and lilies then that's all the customer will expect. Its time to change it up! and if that means moving then so be it! I want to be where I am appreciated as a floral artist not a DESIGNER (by the consumer)! I have proven that I am more then a Designer..... It may be time to travel to Europe or japan and learn something : ) So this weeks design technique will be inversely proportional designs. Inversely Proportional designing is when you design primarily on he inside of a vessel (container) the focal an emphasis of the arrangement is primarily contained inside with very little material above or outside of that container. I think that if I challenge the "standards" that creativity will prevail! OK so the randomness ends here! I am not even going to proof this post because I know that it is super random and I have not the energy to edit at this point. Take care all.....

Monday, August 24, 2009


Today was a great day at Kent's we were pretty busy, and we are selling a lot of merchandise. I think part of it is because of my impecable merchandising skills, but I don't want to sound concieted, just very confident. And I have to say that everyone was in a good mood, and we all got along for the first time in a while. I have been praying a lot about the situation(s) at work. And my prayers are getting answered.

I am totally looking forward to the holiday season. I have a lot of ideas for Christmas, and I hope we get some kick butt fall and Halloween Parties. Seeing as Halloween is on the weekend this year I am very hopeful that people will host some halloween parties with fabulous floral Arrangments at Amazing Invitations by Pen Point Paperie! look them up! they are amazing!

well I guess that will be all for now, Take care everyone!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello All

Hey! this is my new blog, I used to have a blog on another site but some of the content on it was a little less then professional to say the least. I will use this blog to express my feelings concerns or just thoughts on life, love, and my Career. I am happy to tell all of you that I have reciently been notified that during my Time in Kansas City at the AES process for AIFD I achieved the needed scores to become a covited member of AIFD. Also with that I can use the letters CFD behind my name which stand for Certified Floral Designer. In July I will be inducted and pinned into AIFD in Boston Mass. I am super excited and can't wait to see the direction that my life will go in now. To find out more about AIFD and the CFD program, good AIFD or just go to and check them out! It is a very cool organization and what they have done for the Floral industy is life changing. The Industry would not be where it is, without AIFD. And now I am apart of that! I think this is all Im going to write for now, seeing as I am on a crunch for time. But please check me out from time to time and leave me comments...thanks guys!