Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I had an epiphany today...is it that people just don't get it? or is it our job to educate them. WE will never know if people will "get it" unless we show them something different. I decided that today; well kinda. I decided that I am going to make what I want, and sell it to the customer, opposed to selling the customer what they want. If I go through my career doing the same roundy moundy bouquet of roses and lilies then that's all the customer will expect. Its time to change it up! and if that means moving then so be it! I want to be where I am appreciated as a floral artist not a DESIGNER (by the consumer)! I have proven that I am more then a Designer..... It may be time to travel to Europe or japan and learn something : ) So this weeks design technique will be inversely proportional designs. Inversely Proportional designing is when you design primarily on he inside of a vessel (container) the focal an emphasis of the arrangement is primarily contained inside with very little material above or outside of that container. I think that if I challenge the "standards" that creativity will prevail! OK so the randomness ends here! I am not even going to proof this post because I know that it is super random and I have not the energy to edit at this point. Take care all.....

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